War and Expansion in the United States

In 1803, the United States bought the Louisiana territory from France. This purchase doubled the United States’ size. By 1846, the nation stretched from the Atlantic to the Pacific oceans. Many Americans believed in “manifest destiny” and based on that they justify why they push away Native Americans from their lands.

The differences between the two regions cause a conflict. Because of its factories and farms the north depended on free workers, but the south depended on slave. Many people from the north consider slavery was wrong, and they wanted to put a law to free the slaves but the south people didn’t agreed with them because the slaves was the base of its economy. The disagreement over slavery was so big that the southern politicians wanted to leave the Union, but the north people thought that the Union was forever. On April 12, 1861, the U.S. Civil war had begun. Lincoln first declared that the war was to save the Union, but then he realized that in order to save the Union he had to eliminate slavery. In the 1863, he published the “emancipation proclamation” there he declared that all the slaves were free.

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From 1803-1846, United States gained a lot of territories, it increased dramatically. In 1803, they bought the Louisiana territory from France, 1819, Spain gave up Florida, 1846, a treaty with Britain gave the United States Oregon making up the United States we see today.

After Mexico gained independence from spain, american settlers moved to Texas. They felt uncomfortable being ruled by Mexico, so they revolted and few years later joined the United States. Mexico claiming their land, started a war with the United States. After fighting for 2 years, Mexico surenders. The Mexican Cession included California and a great part of the Southwest.
In 1853 the Gadsen Purchase from Mexico brought the lower continental U.S to its present day frontiers and boundaries.
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The Mississippi River marked the western boundary of the United States after won its independence from Great Britain in 1783. As immigrants filled the original United States, land-Hungary newcomers pushed beyond the Mississippi. Also the government helped them by acquiring new territory for settlement. In 1803, President Thomas Jefferson bought the Louisiana territory from France. This purchase doubled the size of the new republic up to the Rocky Mountains. In 1819, Spain gave up Florida to the United States. In 1846, a treaty with Great Britain gave the United States part of the Oregon territory. This massive expansion was mostly influenced by the Manifest Destiny. The Manifest Destiny is the idea that the United States had the right and duty to rule North America from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. Government leaders used it to justify evicting Native Americans from their tribal lands. Going back to the United States expansion, when Mexico gained its independence from Spain 1821, with Mexico’s permission, Americans settlers move into the Mexican territory of Texas. However, settlers were unhappy with Mexico´s rules, so in 1836 Texans revolted against Mexican rule and won their independence. After that, the United States annexed Texas.

The northern and southern part of the United States from the very beginning had followed different ways of life. The north depends mainly on factories and farms. For their factories they depended on free workers, because with s the worker could buy their own products forming a prosperous cycle. In the other hand, the south was based on just a few crops, mainly cotton. Southern planters relied on slave labor. These differences between the two regions led to conflict over slavery. Now, what triggers the Us Civil War was when Abraham Lincoln was elected president, because he represented the end of slavery. During the war the south stand out in military leadership, the north had larger populations, better transportation, greater resources, and more factories. These advantages proved too much and in April 1865, the south surrendered.
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Tension grew between the northern and the southern part of the united states, as the north pushed the south to industrialize, southeners grew angry, the northern economy was mainly based in factories while the south depended on agriculture, When Abraham lincoln issued the emancipation proclamation the south declared war on the north and secceded calling themselves the confederate states of america or confederacy the north fought to become the united states of america or the union. in 1865 the war ended resulting to a victory for the union.
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The Expansion of the United States took the of 1803-1846. It started by Louisiana purchase. Continued by Spain giving the territories they had in the North American land, (florida). Britian by a treaty gaved the U.S. Oregon, making up most of the land of the present day United States. Other territories now days bordering Mexico where taken off by force of Mexico.

During this periods of time ideals between the north and south, started to bleed out. South mantain a slave based economy while the north was to the point of non-slavery. When the civil war started, slaves fought for the north giving the north more man power. At the end in 1865 the South surrendered to the North and settled an agreement of how slaves would be used.
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From the earliest years of it’s history, the U.S. followed a policy of expansionism. In 1803 Thomas Jefferson bought Louisiana from France. The Louisiana Purchase, which was actually started by Napoleon doubled the size of the new republic of the U.S. So now the U.S. borders stretch from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. However, most Americans by this time had adopted the idea of manifest destiny – that is, they believed that the U.S. had the right and the duty to rule the entire continent of North America. In 1830 they developed the Indian Removal Act, which was justified by using the idea of manifest destiny. In 1836 Texans revolted against the Mexican rule and won their independence. In 1845 the United States annexed (claimed) Texas and that brought on a war. Between May of 1846 and Feb. of 1848 war raged between two countries. Finally, Mexico surrendered, giving up Texas.

The area that today is Alaska was purchased from the Russian Empire in 1867, as a vital place to get fuel and a station for ships to trade with Asia. The overseas expansion of the United States into Puerto Rico and the Pacific occurred as a consequence of the Guano Islands Act which was a treaty of Paris which ended the Spanish American War the acquisition of American Samoa through the Treaty of Berlin and the annexation of the Republic of Hawaii at the request of the then president of Hawaii Sanford Dole.The U.S. Virgin Islands were purchased from Denmark in 1917. Only the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands (including the Northern Mariana Islands) was gained after World War II.
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