The Holocaust

Describe the results of the "Final Solution."

The final solution was a plan to of systemically killing the entire Jewish people. Units from the SS moved from town to town to hunt down Jews. They rounded up men, women, children, and even babies and took them to isolated spots and shot their prisoners and the other Jews were taken to concentration camps or labor prisons. Jews worked seven days a week as slaves; guards beat or killed their prisoners for not working fast enough. There was a lot of hunger.

They built extermination camps with huge gas chambers. When prisoners arrived, they paraded before a committee of doctors to separate the strong from the weak. The weak would die that day. They told them to undress for a shower and led into a chamber with fake showerheads and cyanide gas or carbon dioxide poured from the showerheads, all the ones who were inside were killed in minutes. Later, they installed ovens to burn the bodies.

kimberly dominguez
-------------------—The final solution was the genocidal plan Hitler made in order to kill large groups of Jews. As the book states, Hitler believed that the only race that was pure was his so he decided to take into order series of killings all the way from gypsies, russians, homos and his main focus the Jews. Hitler's elite security force (SS) were on the move from town to town in search of Jewish targets, these executed jews were buried in pits that became their graves.

On the final stages of Hitler's ''Final Solution'' the Nazis had built these structures for massive killings known as gas chambers, these could kill up to 6,000 human beings per day. In the end 6 million european jews died in those camps and tortures, less than 4 million survived and some managed to escape from the camps.
-Jose Mckinney

Hitler first explained and thought about his “final solution” since 1919. Hitler believed his race was pure, which was the Aryan race. Wanting to protect racial purity, he then thought about getting rid of all Jews throughout Europe, along with other races he believed to be sub-human, including Slavs, Gypsies, Homosexuals, the mentally ill and disabled people. Shortly after 1933, Hitler and his Nazi party obtained power in Germany and tried to force Jewish emigration. In 1938, the Nazis defended the Jewish Policy by threatening and taking away some privileges hoping for them to leave. Some countries did not accept them, sending almost all of them back to Germany. Hitler, having a great amount of power, along with his army, had almost total control over Europe. The Nazis considered the “Jewish Question” no longer a German issue, but a European issue. Tehn Germany invaded the Soviet union to get more jewish people. When they got the jews, the germans would either kill them at the spot or send them to a concentration camp where they were brutally killed.

Hitler called the holocaust the final solution. Jews could flee Germany whenever they wanted to many fleed to Britain some left to other european countries but those who stayed were forcefully dragged to concentration camps all over europe the most famous one is located at auschewitz in poland. The holocaust killed more than 6 million jews, gypsies and other ethnicities systemtically with the only pretext that the Aryans(Germans) were the only pure race in the world.
By: Eduardo De Los Santos

The Final Solution was Hitler’s vision of Jews being an impure race put to action. The Nazi party got this plan to work and systematical killed around 6 million Jews (extremely rounded estimation). Leaving only 4 million survivors, that ones who got out of Germany on time and the ones who escaped. This massive killing of human beings frustrated some countries; however, these countries didn’t wanted Jews. Once Jews tried to install in the Soviet Union for example, they were not accepted and told to go back to Germany. For this Nazi though that their concept of the Jew had changed, it was no longer a national threat, but a threat to Europe. Nazi went ''hunting'' for Jews in the Soviet Union, from there Jews were taken back to concentration camps or killed at instant.
Minerva Espejo

My personal opinion about this topic is that i see it like a way people (Nazis) solve problems and doubts they have in the moment.First cause one of the causes that leed to this masacre is that when most of Europe was in a bad economical situation the jewss ¨devido¨ tto their way of life(that includes social, political,religious,and economical) they were with a better economical status thn most of europe. So this new party leaded by Adolf Hitler concluded that the jews were the ones that had the fault of their current status. So since Hitler was giving all this speechs balming the jews and wat he dislike about other things his folowers took control of the situation to set in peoples mind who had the power and also to satisfie their leader.
Eliecer Cruz Gomez

As the Holocaust began, Hitler called for the Final Solution which was the plan to begin genocide on Jews. Hitler was against subhuman races and nationalities including gypsies, Poles, Russians, homosexuals, the insane, and the disabled and incurably ill people. What was his main goal were the Jews living in Germany and Poland.

Hitler began his Final Solution by sending his SS forces town-by-town killing and capturing Jews. They rounded up men, women, and children into pits where they were shot and eventually became their graves. Some other Jews were taken to concentration camps where they worked as slaves for German businesses. There, they were harshly treated and sometimes even killed if they didn’t work fast enough. Since they had little food to eat, most lost over 50 pounds in their first two months in the camp. In camps such as the one in Auschwitz, over 6,000 lives were taken from Jews. Those who were unable to work such as women, children, and the elderly, were led into fake showerheads that released cyanide gas or carbon dioxide. The Nazis later installed in their facilities crematoriums that burned the bodies of those who were killed. As a result, around 6 million Jews were killed and fewer than 4 million survived during the Holocaust.
*Nicholas De Oleo*

The final solotuions clearly results is the dead of around 6 million jews during the Hollocaust. The final solution consisted in the Genocide of the Jews, they were killed after beeing imprisioned in Concentration Camps. Since Hitler belief they were inferior to his race Hitler made them die from torture or even the cruelest ideals.

Jewes were made starved to speed up the process to the point that they lost 50 pounds in the first months of working, if they lasted. Extermination camps where then created, Aushwitz the bigest extermination camp was held gas chambers that could kill 6,000 a day. Docotros from the SS separaated strong men from the weaks to make them work.

By: Ricardo Baio

--The racist messages that Hitler gave through his speeches, that Aryans were a ´´Master race´´ and Jews were inferior, would eventually led to the holocaust or the systematic mass slaughter of Jews and other groups judged inferior by the Nazis. Moreover Hitler had target Jews as the cause of their failures, and for theirs country defeat in World War I. Hitler´s anxiety for Jews to die, decided take more direct action. His plan was call ´´The Final Solution´´ or a plan of genocide. The Nazi built extermination camps equipped with huge gas chambers that could kill as many as 6000 human’s beings a day. During the Holocaust, Hitler´s Nazis killed six million Jews and five million other ´´non-Aryans´´.
Vicente Gomez

During the European history, Jews have been blamed for European failures. Germans started blaming them for defeat in WWI, and economic problems after WWI. In November 1938, a jewish kid went to visit his uncle in Paris. He got a letter saying his parents were moved to Poland. Enraged, he goes and kills a German diplomat living in Paris.
After hearing of the news, Nazi leaders started attacking Jewish communities. Many jews started emigrating to other countries. Germany started helping Jews to get out of Germany, but other countries didn’t want them either. Hitler set up another plan to get rid of them. Setting them in specific areas, but they took too long to die of starvation or disease. Hitler starts to take more direct actions calling it The Final Solution. The Nazis built extermination camps equipped with huge gas chambers that could kill as many as 6,000 human beings a day.
By:Kenny Fung

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