People and Ideas on the Move

People and Ideas on the Move

2000 b.c. to 250 b.c.

"Everyone has their own Personal Unconscious. The Collective Unconscious in contrast is universal. It cannot be built up like one's personal unconscious is; rather, it predates the individual. It is the repositary of all the religious, spiritual, and mythological symbols and experiences. Its primary structures - the deep structures of the psyche, in other words - Jung called "Archetypes"; a later-Hellenistic Platonic and Augustinian Christian term that referred to the spiritual forms which are the pre-existent prototypes of the things of the material world. Interpreting this idea psychologically, Jung stated that these archetypes were the conceptual matrixes or patterns behind all our religious and mythological concepts, and indeed, our thinking processes in general."

Section 1
The Indo Europeans

Section 2
Hinduism and Buddhism Develop

Section 3
Seafaring Traders

Section 4
The Origins of Judaism

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