Napoleon Forges and Empire

Trace Napoleon's rise to power

Napoleon Bonaparte was born in 1769 on the island of Corsica. He studied in a military school and at the age of 16 he finished school. When the Revolution started, he joined the army of the new government. In 1796, Napoleon was appointed to lead the French army against Austria and the kingdom of Sardinia. By 1799, the directory had already lost the confidence of the people and political control, so Napoleon’s friends urged him to seize political power. Napoleon leads his troops to the legislature and removes most of his members. The lawmakers voted to dissolve the Directory, and they replaced it with a group of three consuls, Napoleon took the title of first consul and the powers of a dictator.

Napoleon didn’t try to change the changes that brought the Revolution. One of his first tasks was to stabilize the economy; he put an efficient method to recollect taxes. Also he wanted to end with the corruption. The people wanted to restore the position of the church, so Napoleon signed an agreement that established a new relationship with the state and the church.

by kimberly dominguez

Napoleon Bonaparte was quite a short man- just five feet three inches tall. However he would be recognized as one of the world´s greatest military genius. Napoleon Bonaparte was born in 1769 on the Mediterranean island of Corsica. In 1785, at the age of 16, he finished school and became a lieutenant in the artillery. In only four years –from 1795 to 1799- Napoleon rose from an almost stranger to be the officer in the French army and master of France. All started in 1795, when he and his gunners stopped thousand of royalist rebels with a cannonade. Napoleon became the hero of the hour. Then in 1769, the Directory appointed Napoleon to lead a French army against the forces of Austria and the kingdom of Sardinia. In order to keep his stories of the remarkable victories he published them out in newspapers and thereby remained a hero.

By 1799, the Directory had lost control of the political situation and the confidence of the French people. When Napoleon came from his defeats on Egypt, he took advantage of the Directory to seize power. In November 1799, troops under Napoleon´s command surrounded the national legislature and drove out most of its members. The remaining lawmakers voted to dissolve the Directory. They establish a group of three consuls, one of whom was Napoleon. He later assumes the power of a dictator. He quickly looks forward a peace agreement with the three nations, to full focus his energies on restoring order in France. Napoleon set up an efficient method of tax collection and established a national banking system. Napoleon also took steps to end corruption and inefficiency in government.
by: Vicente Gómez

Napoleon was sent to military school at age 9. At around the age of 16, he finished school and was promoted to lieutenant in the artillery. His first shot at fame came in October of 1795 when he was appointed to defend the delegates at the National Convention against marching royalists towards them. In a matter of minutes, thousands of royalists were attacked and fled in panic and confusion. Napoleon was later chosen by the Directory to charge against forces of Austria and the kingdom of Sardinia in 1796. After these impressive victories, he led an army crossing the Alps and won a series of notable victories as well. He then later attempted to disrupt British trade with India but failed after the naval ships of Great Britain pinned them down. After Napoleon returned to France from Egypt, many close friends advised him to take control of order in his home land. He surrounded the national legislature, ejected almost every member in it, and took the tile of first consul. While Napoleon was taking the role of dictatorship, his country was still at war with Britain, Austria, and Russia with the goal of stripping away the power from him. A few years later, he decided to turn back to Paris and sign a peace treaty that people of France haven’t experienced in ten years that began in 1802.

As emperor of France, Napoleon expanded his empire in such an enormous size. But first, he attempted to seize control of the French colony of Saint Domingue in the New World. He failed at this as the people revolted and became independent naming themselves Haiti. If the French could gain their colony, it would’ve given them a huge economical profit from its rich sugar-producing. After the failure to capture Saint Domingue, he came into a conclusion into selling the Louisiana Purchase to President Jefferson of the United States for $15 million. This sale gave the French two advantages. The first was that they acquire money for financing operations in their homeland. They also saw it as a way to punish the British because it has given them a rival. Napoleon also increased his empire by annexing Austrian Netherlands and parts of Italy. He also set up a puppet government in Switzerland. At one time, he battled the Austria, Prussia, and Russia at the same time and forced to sign peace treaties. With all the land in front of him, Napoleon’s empire had been the biggest of all Europe since that of the Romans with only their major enemy of the great naval power of Britain.
by: Nicholas De Oleo

Napoleon was since young age involved in the military. He finished his course at almost adulthood. His first achievments came when he was told to protect the group of people in National Convention against royalists. After his victories came along he started gaining prestige and went up in ranks. His great enemy Britain was never a target Napoleon could handle at any time. He suffered defeat in several fights. At the time Napoleon faced a crisis time beeing in war with England, Russia and Austria. He then signed a peace treaty and gaved france wat they didnt have since 1802.

Napoleon greates achievement was how he expanded his territory. He conquered all the way up to Moscow. He lost alot of man in the march to unward Russia due to the distance and cold. After that Napoleons Empire started to decline and he just lost power withing the majority of people back in france. Then the royalist taked over again and sened Napoleon back to his domestic prision. Where he died from stomach cancer and ulsers. By :RICARDO Baio

In 1785, at the age of 16, Napoleon became second lieutenant in the artillery.
Napoleon became sympathetic to the Revolution in 1789. In the Battle of Toulon in
1793, Napoleon led a victorious attack on a Royalist fort and was then promoted to
Brigadier General. Napoleon gained more attention in 1795 when he put down a pro-
royalist coup in Paris. He was promoted to Major General. In 1796, Napoleon married
Josephine Beauharnais. He was put in charge of the French army fighting the
Austrians in Italy. Between 1796 and 1797, Napoleon re-organised the French army
and inspired the dispirited soldiers. They went on to win several great victories over
the Austrians and Italians. The Austrians were forced to sign a ceasefire at Leoben in
1797. Between 1798 and 1799 Napoleon’s plans to attack the British went badly wrong.
His army was ravaged by plague and sickness, and Nelson’s British Navy destroyed
many of Napoleon’s own ships. Still, Napoleon seized Malta and had several victories in
Egypt during the expedition. Napoleon returned to Paris in August 1799, after hearing
of the military crisis facing France and on November 11th 1799, Napoleon seized
control of France in the ‘coup d’état’ (or Coup de Brumaire). Following the Coup, a new
constitution was introduced, and Napoleon was made First Consul of France. Then, on
December 2nd, 1804, in the presence of the Pope, Napoleon crowned himself Emperor.

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