Humans Try To Control Nature

Humans Try to Control Nature

Here we learned about how Cro-Magnons developed their culture during the Stone Age, how they weren’t interested anymore on thinking what to eat, looking for shelter, in other words for ways to survive. They started to express themselves by an artistic point of view, which triggered cave paintings. They started painting using charcoal, mud, and animal mud. They also started making jewelry such as necklaces of seashells, lion teeth, and bear claws.


In this period we find nomads who were always in the move and looking for new places in which they could find food and the hunter-gatherers who were looking for animal and food supplies to survive.

These peoples discovered that hunting wasn’t a very steady food resource, which brought them the necessity to begin farming. The way they preferred to farm was by slash-and-burn farming in which they would clear a spots trees and grasses by burning them and would farm there for about 2 years or so. Then they would move to another spot and begin the same process over and over again. They also decided to begin domesticating animals so they could keep them as a constant source of food.

Villages which started farming began to develop in different areas:

• Africa
• China
• Mexico and Central America
• Peru

It’s amazing and at the same time kind of weird how farming developed in different and so apart parts of the world at the same time, without being capable of communicating with each other. How did they do this??? I guess we’ll never know….><

The beginning of agriculture

agriculture was discovered by women, men was the one who hunted animals to eat, women gathered berries and other fruits, some women started to plant some seeds in a campsite and at the next season they found out that the plants grew, this was the way the agriculture was started. this was called the neolithic revolution or agricultural revolution which was the transformation of human societies from being hunter-gatherer based to agriculture based. one of the first methods for farming that they used was the slash-and-burn farming which consisted of cutting trees and grass to burn down the field so they could farm here. men kept hunting but they also started to domesticate animals meaning that they tamed animals. They tamed many animals like, horses, goats,dogs, pigs an many more. farmers were ht ones in charge to domesticate animals.

villages grow and prosper

Agriculture started to grew in many parts of the world and began growing more and more. Many countries began farming and this where many of them:

Africa: Africa was a main point of agriculture because they had the advantage of having the Nile river which made farming easier for them to grow barley wheat and many more.

China:china also had the yellow river which helped them farm grain which was called millet and rice.

Mexico and central America: In this area we can find corn , squash and beans.

Peru: Here they grow tomatoes, sweet corn, sweet potatoes and white potatoes.

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