Hitler's Lightning War

Describe how Germany overran much of Europe and North Africa

Germany had a very powerful army. The German army was strict and ruthless. They would act like they were trying to make peace or be friendly, and then they'd sweep in and take over the whole country, as they did to Poland. In April 1940, Hitler’s armies conquered Denmark and Norway. Within two months, they also captured Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and France. Some French, led by Charles de Gaulle, escaped to Britain to continue fighting, but by then, Mussolini was on Hitler's side. Great Britain now led by Winston Churchill, stood alone. To prepare for the invasion of Britain, the German air force launched bombing attacks to weaken the country. The British air force fought back. It was helped by the newly developed radar that warned of coming attacks. Also, the British had broken the German army’s secret code. The air war over Britain lasted many months. Unable to break British defenses, Hitler called off the attacks.

He next turned east. Germany sent troops to North Africa, where its ally, Italy, was losing to British forces. Hitler sent German troops to help them fight. Hitler wanted to acquire Egypt because Egypt's Suez Canal was a key to reaching the oil fields in the middle east. In April 1941, German armies quickly took control of Yugoslavia and Greece. In June, Hitler turned on his one-time ally and launched a surprise invasion of the Soviet Union. The Red Army, though the largest in the world, was not well-equipped or well-trained. The Germans quickly pushed deep into Soviet land. As the Red Army was forced to retreat, it destroyed everything left behind to keep supplies out of German hands. Stopped from taking Leningrad in the north, the Germans turned on Moscow, the Soviet capital. A strong Soviet counterattack, combined with fierce Russian winter weather, forced the Germans back. This was how Germany managed to acquire much of Europe and North Africa.

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In the secret agreement between Hitler and Stalin they agreed to divide Poland between them. This act was known as the nonaggression pact. Plus, they also agreed to take over countries like Finland and Baltic countries like Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. Hitler's surprise attack to Poland happened in September 1, 1939, with troop trunks that rumbled against Poland borders. Stalin occupied the eastern half of Poland and annexed the northern part. Stalin also invaded the Baltic country and the only one that resisted was Finland.

Hitler started to sweep through Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg to strike France. By June 14, Germans had already taken Paris and took control of the northern part of the country. Now, with France collapsed, British stood alone against the Soviet Union. Hitler decided to first concentrate in the Mediterranean area and the Balkans. The Mediterranean area included North Africa and it was because of Mussolini. They also had a war in the Balkans and he invaded first Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary.

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Stalin and Hitler had signed a non aggression pact which included the division of Poland among themselves. After this Hitler set to conquer Poland. He used the military strategy of Blitzkrieg to take control of Poland in September 1, 1939. Hitler took the western part of Poland and Stalin took the eastern part. As a result of Poland’s invasion France and Britain declared war on Germany. The invasion of Poland had set off the war. Hitler would continue to use the Blitzkrieg strategy to take control of nearly all of Europe.

In 1940 Hitler sent forces to invade Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands. With these areas under their control, the Germans were able to take over northern France. They created a puppet government in southern France, in the city of Vichy. The French general Charles de Gaulle who opposed the German invasion organized French military forces to fight against the Nazis. After gaining control of France, Hitler set out to conquer Britain. The Germans began bombing the British, but with the use of the Radar and a German code making machine, the British were able to fight off German attacks. In 1941 Hitler gained control of the Balkans. Like this the Nazis would be able to gain access to Russia, which they wanted to invade. In June 1941 the Nazis began the invasion of the Soviet Union, however they were not able to take over it. During all this time the United States had not been involved directly in the war, instead it had been providing the Allies with supplies. In 1941 the Germans attacked a U.S. Ship, this attack would encourage the U.S. to enter the war but what would finally trigger their entrance would be the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.
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The main reason Germany came to overrun most of Europe was for the skilled leader Adolf Hitler. Hitler is best known for his almost crazy need for a "pure" race. He had a hypnotizing way with words as well and had many followers. When the President of Germany died he took control and sought out to conquer Poland first and went on to other countries like France, Britain, Czechoslovakia and Russia to name a few. The lightning war was a series of short to the point battles that left quite an impact and broke through enemies barriers to gain power. - Tiffani Chalas

Hitler and joseph stalin both signed a ten year pact, called the nonaggression pact. This pact included the divisio of poland among both of them, and also they agreed that the ussr could take control over finland, and the baltic ountries of lithiuania because hitler promised him land. Without losing any time, Hitler quickly moved up to Poland were he had prepared a surprise attack to Poland on September 1, 1939. Germany had an advantage and was they had a good military and they had one of the most advanced weapons, they had the best tanks, artillery and many other weapons. After this, France and great Britain declared war to Germany on September 3. After this attack, Hitler annexed the western half of Poland. From here on the term lighting war came out, because it consisted of short wars with surprise attacks.

The war ended with the victory of the Allies in 1945, leaving the political alignment and social structure of the world significantly changed. While the United Nations was established to foster international cooperation and prevent future conflicts, the Soviet Union and the United States emerged as rival powers, setting the stage for the Cold War, which lasted for the next forty six years.

Germany took great advantage of much of europe and north africa! Hitler caused WWII. germany invade poland. Germany, under Hitler’s command, attacked Poland mercilessly bombing its capital, Warsaw. Britain evacuates forces from Dunkirk. Germany invades the soviet union. Hitler orders attack on Stalingrab. Western Democracies letting Hitler overun much of Europe before war ensued was a simple cause of been unready for a war Adolf Hitler had been building all aspects of the German Forces since 1933. Blitzkrieg was the first test of Germany’s newest military strategy. Egypt’s Suez Canal was key to reaching the oil fields of the Middle East. most american felt they shouldnt be involved in the war. during 1935-37 they were neutral. later on, president roosevelt analyze like a wise man that if the allies fell they would be drawn into the war and then it would be worse for them. little by little he made the way so U.S. be involved. -steve

The non aggression pact was signed between Hitler and Stalin in order to divide Poland. They also decided to invade the Baltic States and Finland. Then, Hitler decided to invade Poland. He and his troop made a surprise attack on September 1, 1939. He took the Western part while Stalin stayed with the Eastern part. When Hitler invaded, France and Britain declared war to Germany.

Right them Hitler also invaded Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and Belgium. Under the control of these countries, he was able to take over the northern part of France. Without France, now Britain was alone against the Soviet Union. Then, he started by conquering the Mediterranean are and the Balkans. He invaded first Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary as a result of the war in the Balkans.

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The Hitler´s Lightning War was a fighting method used by the German´s Military during WWII when he sends 1.5 million soldiers along the Polish Border. The German word for this tactic was blitzkrieg which means bombarding. To keep it simple, the workings of this particular way involved the mass attack of great force, from both the land and air. German tanks swept through most of Western Europe as nation after nation fell to the German war machine.
Using aircrafts to punch a hole in an enemy's line and then rapidly surround and cut off the enemy forces. The Germans used it with immense success at the outset of WWII. The point of all of this was to invade Poland and Russia and Britain survives to fight alone, helped by the United States.

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