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Explain the connections between the empires of Egypt and Nubian

Explain why the Assyrian Empire was a mighty and well organize military machine

In which actions do you see the “tolerance and wisdom” of the Persians, that help them in establishing the empire.

Explain what are the three Chinese ethical systems, what do they have in common and which one you think is best, and why.

Of the five civilizations (Indus Valley, Mesopotamia, China, Ancient Egypt, and Palestine) which one do you like the best, and why?

How did the Mycenean, the Minoans and the Dorians interact?

How and why did the growth of City-States help the development of different political systems?

Do you think that Democracy is a good or a bad system of government? Why and how does it relate with the Greek Democratic systems?

Explain what made Alexander a unique character in history.

How did the Hellenistic Culture expanded through the “known world”

Why is Greece the “Cradle of Western Civilization”?

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