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In this page you will find a lot of useful audiovisual resources to help you understand some of the concepts or the ideas of the class.

Guns, Germs and Steel

The Dark Ages

The Dark Ages

The Importance does not lie on the ammount of information, it´s the quality and the way in which you acquire it.There is always going to be a place for creative minds, and every single human being has one, but most don´t know how to use it. Learn how to use your mind and the world will be yours. O. Landolfi
Research Papers : What Does a Research Paper Look Like?

Research Papers : How to Write a Bibliography

Did You Know 4.0

Did You Know 3.0

Did You Know V (5.0)

The rise of christianity

Atlantis/Minoan Civilization






What is a Wiki?


7 Wonders of India

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