A Global Conflict

Summarize the spread of the conflict, the Allies' push to victory, and the effects of the war.

Germany’s colonies came under assault. The Japanese took German outpost in China and Germany’s pacific island colonies. Britain and France troops attacked Germany’s African possession. In 1917, Germany announces that they will sink any ship in the waters around Britain. After two attacks two attacks, they agreed to stop attacking neutral and passenger ships. In 1917, Germans started again to attack neutral ships and they knew that it might lead them to a war with the United States. In 1917, official intercepted a telegram, telling that if Mexico allies with Germany, they would help Mexico reconquer the land they lost to the United States. That was it, American already was favored by the allies and the congress declares the war to Germany.

Lenin insisted on ending his country’s involvement in the war, so he offer Germany a truce, which they accept, with the end of the war between Germany and Russia, Germany can now send all their forces to the western front. But by the time Paris was less than miles away, Germany military had weakened, the allies sensing this weakness with the aid of new U.S troops, launched a counterattack. Soon the central power began to crumble, Germany declares itself a republic and a representative of the new German government met with a French commander and signed an armistice. World War I was very important because it was the beginning of a new kind of war, new technology were used, a huge amount of people were lost, the war also had a devastating economic impact on Europe, the insecurity and despair were reflected in the art and literature.

Kimberly Dominguez

One of the multiple effects that WWI spread around the world was that since it was a total war all countries involved in this devoted all their resources on the war. For example: Britain, Austria, Russia, France, and Germany. After the War the economy of all of these countries were under the control of their Governments which told them what to produce and how much they should make. This in part was good because in lowered the unemployment rate and eliminated unemployment in various European countries - Jose McKinney

World war I began when gavrillo princip a serbian boy killed austrian archiduke Franz Ferdinand and the austrian empire declared war on Serbia. Serbia had a pact with Russia and thy declared war on Germany, France had a pact with Russia so they entered the war on the side of the allies, while Germany, The Austrian empire and the Ottoman empire in the side of the central powers. The war had nw tactics of battle like the war in trenches and new weapons like tanks. in 1917 the Zimmerman lette which Germany sent Mexico drew the United States into the war. in 1918 the central powers collapsed in 1918. After the war, the treaty of Versailles was signed it meant a loss in territory for germany, war guilt on germany and Germany was left in debt by the allies.
By: Eduardo De Los Santos

The War started becuase of a serbian radical group "the black hand" sent to kill Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand. This detonated conflicts between austria and serbians. Germany intervened in the conflict and the rest of the European nations assualted agains Germany blaming them for the start of the conflict.

This war was a total war, meaning that all the countries "wage total war" using all there resources on war. Example of Germany that turned car factroys in the War Tank asemmbling factorys. Thats one of the strongest reasons of why when the war is over the economy of Europe mostly fell. The allies won the war when the United States intervene to help the Allied. The War gaved much war technologic advances, Tanks, machine guns, and air forces were tested for the first time during this war.

By:Ricardo Baio

The Great War of 1914-1918 was by far the greatest conflict the world had known up till that point. Four gruelling years of war eventually brought around the defeat of the central powers and victory to the Allies. A unified Allied command in the West was created in Apr., 1918. It was headed by Marshal Foch, but under him the national commanders retained considerable authority. The Allied push continued, with the British advancing in the north and the Americans attacking through the Argonne region of France. German resources were exhausted and German morale had collapsed.

Japan enters the war in the side of the Allies in 1914; because they were seizing the German colonies in China and the Pacific. Then the war spread to the United States on May 7, 1915 when a German submarine, had sunk the British passenger ship Lusitania. Germany claimed that the ship had been carrying ammunition, which turns out to be true. By the time the United States joined the Allies, the war had been raging for nearly three years.

In March 1917, the war-related shortages of food and fuel forced Czar Nicholas to step down and a provisional government was established. Eight moths later, in November 1917, Communist leader Vladimir LLyich Lenin seized power. Lenin insisted on ending his country´s involvement in the war. In March 1918, Germany and Russia signed the Treaty of Blest-Litovsk, which allowed Germany to send all its forces to the Western Front. In March 1918, the Germans mounted one final, massive attack on the Allies in France. In May 1918, the Germans were 40 miles away from Paris. The allies with the aid of 140000 fresh US troops launched a successful counterattack with nearly 350 tanks smashing through the German Lines. On November 9, 1918, Kaiser Wilhelm stepped down. On November 11, World War I came to an end. Now, shocking facts such as 8.5 million soldiers dead, 21 million soldiers wounded, $3358 billion cost left a deep mark on Western Society.
Vicente Gomez

In 1915, Germany used a strategy called unrestricted submarine warfare. It consisted of sinking a boat without warning. In 1917, Germany was desesperate to take advantage over the allies, so they started using this strategy again. They knew it would start a war with the United States, but they believed that with the naval blockade, Britain would be defeated before the United States could take any move. Germany kept on sinking boats. They had already sunk 3, and then they intercepted a telegram written by Germany’s foreign secretary saying they would help Mexico reconquer their lost land if they ally with them. Many Americans already favored the allies, and with this last push, the United States declares war to Germany and enters on the allies’ side.
All counties had to devote all the resources into the war. During wartime, the government took control of the economy. They told factories what to produce and how much. A lot of factories turned into munitions factories. Every civilian had to put to work, so unemployment disappeared, also people were limited to buy items also needed for war. Governments used propaganda to keep up and support the war so many civilians don’t turn against it.
By:Kenny Fung

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